John Foss

The Chia Co Founder and Managing Director

A fourth-generation Western Australian grain farmer, John has long been deeply involved in global trends in food production, environmental issues relating to water and the energy levels and health of people all over the world. He was awarded the prestigious Nuffield Scholarship in 2001. While studying natural solutions for diseases of the modern age, like diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol, he discovered the Chia seed and all the nutritional benefits along with it. He decided then that his life’s goal would be to make the global community a healthier place. In 2003, armed with his knowledge of the Chia seed and his farming expertise, he founded The Chia Co, utilizing world leading supply practices.

As John researched the ideal place to grow the best possible Chia seeds, he decided on the lush Kimberley region, in the North Western corner of Australia, where he has since set up a a supply chain that keeps the producers and consumers as close as possible. Today, the Chia Co manages all aspects of the supply chain to assure the highest quality: from growing to packing and distribution. A passionate advocate of sustainable farming and the environment, John holds numerous academic and corporate honors:

  • Nuffield Scholar
  • Australian Rural Leadership Graduate
  • Bachelor of Business in Agriculture (Curtin University, Muresk Institute of Agriculture)
  • Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture
  • Diploma in Marketing ( Edith Cowan University).
  • Company Director of Living Farm Pty Ltd
  • Biami Pty Ltd
  • Marketing Edge Agricultural Services Additionally, John is a member of numerous agribusiness associations.

John and his wife Kay have a young daughter Novella and twin babies Reuben and Isabel. They are based in New York but spend many months of the year travelling. Novella had flown from Australia to the USA 3 times before she was one years old!