Chia Pod

Vanilla Bean

Sun ripened chia seeds and pure coconut milk are blended with the sweet spice of vanilla and cinnamon- with no added sugar.   

Whether at home or eating on the go, get a head start on your daily nutrition with this delicious, nutrient rich breakfast.

Nutrition Facts
Srv p/pack 12 Per 6oz   
Calories 164   
 Total Fat 10.0g   
  Saturated Fat  5.0g   
  Trans Fat  0.0g   
  Polyunsaturated Fat 4.0g  
      Omega 3 ALA 3.0g  
      Omega 6 1.0g  
Potassium  82mg   
Total Carbohydrates  14.0g   
Dietary Fibre 5.0g   
 Sugar  10.0g   
 Protein 3.0g   
How to include it in my diet?

Get a head start on your daily nutrition with this perfect energy-boosting breakfast. Chia Pods are completely ready to eat, ideal for whenever you need on the go, wholefood nutrition.

Why are chia pods good for me?

Chia Pods are gluten free and vegan, made only from plant ingredients. Chia Pods provide 3g of omega-3 and more than 6g of dietary fiber.

Chia contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, essential for good digestion and maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol. Coconut milk ensures a creamy dairy-free texture while providing healthy, medium-chain fatty acids. Chia also provides a slow release of energy which can sustain you for longer.

Where to store it?

Keep refrigerated.

How is my product shipped?

Chia pods are cold packed and shipped Monday only. Orders must be placed before 11.59pm Sunday EST. Please allow 3-4 business days for delivery.

Shipping rate: $20 initial case, $12 per additional case.