Sustainable Farming

John Foss established The Chia Co in 2003 with a very clear mission: to grow the world’s highest quality chia, and to improve the health of the global community by making chia available to everyone, every day.

To achieve this, we handpick our farm locations and grow our crops carefully with rigorous sustainability methods. We let our chia ripen naturally in the sun and use gravity-fed irrigation to ensure the perfect amount of water. Every crop of chia that we grow is tested to ensure it is 100% chemical free.

The Chia Co employs a fully transparent and traceable supply chain. We can trace every packet of our chia seeds back to the paddock it was grown in, and we guarantee the nutritional quality of every single seed we produce.

We are proud to be the world’s largest producer of chia. And we are proud to consistently deliver the highest quality chia to consumers and food manufacturers across the globe.

The Importance of Sustainable Farming

In everything we do, we work in harmony with the natural environment. We recognize that long-term sustainability of the land we work in is imperative to making sure we can continue to grow premium chia for many years to come.

We operate the world’s best practice environmental management systems to ensure that our farms contribute positively to the entire eco-system. Since we first developed our chia farms ten years ago, we’ve seen an improvement in the quality of soil, water and even air. We have seen an increase in birdlife and bee activity. We monitor all the levels of our surroundings in real-time to make sure our seeds are growing in a harmonious and nutritious environment.

Our chia is watered by gravity-fed irrigation, using hoses fed by Lake Argyle. This all natural watering system does not use pumps or fuels, resulting in a reduction in the environmental footprint.

Perfect Growing Conditions

Chia is a latitude specific crop, growing best at exactly 15 degrees from the equator. We have carefully chosen the location of each farm to ensure our chia plants receive the optimum climate and sun hours each day.

We let our chia ripen naturally in the sun and we grow during the dry season, using gravity-fed irrigation to control exactly how much water the chia plants have access to. If chia does not receive enough sun or water during the oil development stage the seeds produced will be immature and low in omega-3. You can tell if chia seeds are immature because they appear brown. Our chia seeds are black or white, but never brown.

We guarantee the levels of omega-3, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals in every seed we produce. We know our chia seeds are the best in the world, because we grow them ourselves.

Non-GMO and Chemical Free

We have every single batch of our chia tested by an accredited third party laboratory to ensure that it is clean and pure, and 100% free from chemicals.

We grow chia in harmony with our environment, rotating our chia plants with legume crops to ensure the perfect level of nitrogen in the soil.  Our farmers are committed to working in harmony with nature by combining traditional natural farming methods, such as gravity fed irrigation, with best practice agronomics and chemical free mechanical harvesting methods.

Chia Co seeds and products are certified non-GMO.


Full transparency and traceability

As a fourth generation wheat farmer, John Foss became disheartened with the muddy supply chains and lack of connection between farmers and consumers in the wheat industry. He founded The Chia Co in 2003 with a keen desire to emulate a farmers’ market model on a global scale, connecting consumers with the farmers who grow their food.

To achieve this this vision, we manage and guarantee the quality of our products every step of the way; from the farms it was grown in to the shelves you see it on. No middle men, no co-op, no blended crops. Every packet of chia seeds from The Chia Co can be traced back to the paddock in which it was grown.

Best farmers, best farms

When choosing the location for our farms, John not only looks for the right environmental conditions. He is also looks for committed, passionate farmers who will share his vision of growing crops that will improve people’s health.

We are excited to now be working with the world's best farmers not only in Australia, but also at new farms in Nicaragua, Kenya and Tanzania. 

Our farmers all share in the fair value profits of our chia, ensuring sustainable growth for the industry. With the help of our farmers in Australia and around the world, we have become the world’s largest producers of premium quality chia. We also continue to raise standards for chia across the globe by ensuring a consistent supply, stabilising the price in the chia market year round.

From Australia to the world

More than ten years on from our first farms being established in Western Australia, we now deliver chia seed and products to 36 countries. We are the world’s largest supplier of chia seed, and the demand continues to rise.

To allow us to increase our production, John has continued to search for the world’s best chia farm locations. We are excited to now work with the world’s best farmers not only in Australia, but also in Nicaragua, Kenya and Tanzania. Our new farms have been established within the same 15 degree latitude band and maintain the same standards of quality and sustainability as our Australian farms. 

Our new sites also allow us to make an even bigger difference to the global community, generating industry and creating new opportunities for those we work with. To these new farms we bring more than ten years’ experience in growing the world’s best chia, and we continue to maintain an entirely transparent supply chain, every step of the way.