Sustainable Farming

Our Chia is 100% chemical-free

It’s not that we don’t trust ourselves, but we use an independent third party to verify that our Chia is 100% chemical-free before we sell it. We grow Chia in harmony with our environment, and to ensure the soil contains just the right amount of nitrogen for our Chia, we rotate our Chia plants with legume crops. So, yes, we do take this promise very seriously.

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. Unlike many Chia growers, we use an innovative method to allow our Chia to ripen in the sun rather than using chemicals to ripen them artificially. To us, growing our Chia seeds chemical-free is just the way it’s supposed to be. For the insects that like to eat our Chia seeds off the plant (who can blame them?), we simply let nature take its course. Rather than spraying them with effective, but damaging chemicals, we let the beneficial insects build up their population to control them, naturally.

We guarantee each seed’s nutritional profile

Perfected, perfectly. Chia is rather a fussy little seed. Growing best at precisely 15 degrees from the equator, our seeds achieve the perfect nutritional profile by receiving precisely the right amount of sunlight each day. By growing our Chia during the dry season, we can control the amount of water our Chia plants receive, as well as when they receive it. This is important because it means we can provide our Chia seeds with plenty of water during the critical stage when the seeds are filling with Omega-3 oil. Many other producers rely on rainfall during this phase, taking a gamble on whether the seed will really get what it needs.

You can tell if Chia seeds are unripe and low in Omega 3 if there is brown seeds in the packet. That's why our Chia seeds are black or white, but never brown, and why we guarantee the amounts of Omega-3, proteins, vitamins and minerals you’ll enjoy in every seed. We invite you to learn and ask questions about how we farm our Chia.

Caring for our environment means better chia seeds

We are conscious that our surroundings are vital in our long term future of growing the world’s best Chia seeds. So, we treat the soil as well as we treat our Chia seeds. We use as much mulch as possible to improve the health and nutrition of the soil in which they grow. Nutrient-rich soil leads to nutrient-dense Chia seeds. We also test the soil in real-time, before and after planting to ensure it’s just right for what our seeds need.

From our farm to you

At every step, from the Chia seed being planted to its ripening and harvest; packaging and even distribution is all managed by The Chia Co. We even know which paddock the seeds you’re enjoying are grown in. Only by having control over every moment of our Chia’s existence can we assure you that our Chia seeds are of a consistent quality. 

Our farmers are our partners

We consider our farmers in a different way to many other industries because John Foss, our CEO is a farmer. The Chia Co has always been a company built with our exceptional, world-class farmers as the stars. All of our farmers share in the fair value of our profit which we reinvest back into the Chia industry. We are the largest Chia growers in the world and we plan ahead so that during the non-growing months we can ensure a consistent supply, stable pricing all year round.

John Foss

The Importance
of Sustainable Farming
In everything we do in growing our Chia, we make sure that we work in harmony with the natural environment. This means that our farming methods actually improve the environment around our farms. 

We’ve seen improvements in the quality of the soil. Water. Even air. We’ve seen an increase in birdlife and bee activity. We monitor all the levels of our surroundings in real-time to make sure our seeds are growing in a harmonious and nutritious environment. Our Chia is watered by gravity-fed irrigation, using hoses fed by Lake Argyle – that’s also environmentally protected. Our Chia is sun-ripened, as nature intended, to ensure its Omega-3 content is optimised.