Chia Health

We would never ask you to change out your diet completely. Especially when Chia is such an easy element to add to it. But we do know that most processed and fast foods are lacking in the basic nutrition that is essential for good health, like fibre, protein, Omega-3 and other vitamins and minerals. Chia seeds are abundant in all of these essential nutrients and perfectly digestible in its natural, untouched form. With our Chia, your body will have everything it needs.

People who want to increase their energy levels

Our Chia seeds provide a sustained release of energy, so you’ll never feel an extreme high or low. Many athletes eat Chia to improve their endurance, aid mobility and help with muscle repair.

People who need extra fibre in their diet

With 36% fibre content and a perfect balance of 80% insoluble versus 20% soluble, Chia helps lower cholesterol, improves intestinal health and regularity and can reduce the risk of colon cancer.

People looking to reduce their weight

By thickening and bulking up food, Chia seeds can give you a fuller feeling, leaving you feeling satisfied for longer. That means you’re likely to consume less calories in the day, which can certainly assist with weight loss. By releasing energy slowly throughout the day, our Chia seeds will always leave you feeling energized and ready to take on whatever your day has in store.

People who are diabetic

Renowned dietician Emma Morris of Stay Tuned Sports Medicine recently conducted a study that showed the inclusion of just one tablespoon to the diet of a diet controlled Type 2 diabetic helped reduce their morning blood glucose levels as well as those two hours after dinner. Yes, just one tablespoon is all it takes.

People concerned with heart health

Our Chia seeds contain 20% Omega-3 ALA, while our Chia oil contains an impressive 60%. Research shows the particular type of Omega-3 that is found in our Chia seeds is essential for a healthy heart by helping to lower cholesterol while maintaining proper artery function. Both are vital in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. The Heart Foundation recommends a daily intake of two grams of Omega-3 ALA.

People who want beautiful skin, nails and hair

Our nails and hair are made mostly of protein and our bodies have a constant need for protein to restore and repair these and other tissues. And since protein is not stored in the body, we need to find outside sources for it. Chia is a natural source of protein, with a 20% protein content. The Omega-3 ALA, anti-oxidants and protein found in our Chia seeds are a potent combination. Working together, they help slow the aging process in the body, in particular the skin.



For any questions you might have about Chia, you’re invited to ask our registered and accredited dietitian, Emma Morris. Emma works in a private practice for the renowned Stay Tuned Sports Medicine, where she consults with clients one-on-one and conducts group programs to help people live healthier and more nutritious lives. Stay Tuned Sports Medicine is a complete wellness center based in Melbourne, Australia, and dedicated to helping people of all ages and backgrounds achieve their best life possible. Emma regularly helms workshops at major corporations and also helps elite athletes use diet to gain a competitive advantage.