Chia for Mums and Bubs

The nutrition in Chia is excellent for pregnancy, lactating and busy mums and babies.

Chia for lactating and busy mums:
The rich fibre content in Chia promotes a slow release of energy throughout the day and helps keep you full, perfect for busy mums on the go. Omega 3 promotes heart health and helps build lean muscle mass for overall strength. The protein in Chia is a complete protein with all 8 amino
acids and is an excellent vegetarian source. The antioxidants in Chia fight free radicals and promote wellbeing. 

Chia during pregnancy:
The Nutrition in Chia is also excellent during pregnancy. The rich plant based Omega 3 facilitates healthy placental blood flow promoting efficient exchange of oxygen and nutrients between mother and baby. The complete protein is essential for building every cell in your baby’s body. The fibre in chia assists in maintaining a healthy gut and may help with constipation as digestive function slows during pregnancy. The antioxidants are beneficial for general health and wellbeing.

Chia for babies:
Chia is a soft eating seed so it is gentle on the stomach and can be included in the baby’s diet when you start them on solids
- ensuring that no matter what else they eat for the day they have consumed their fibre, Omega 3, protein and antioxidants. Chia has no taste or smell and is easy to include in any meal.

We recommend the following daily consumption of Chia.

Babies – 4 – 6mths – 1/2 tsp daily Mix chia with vegetable & fruit Purees, yoghurt & custards – chia helps to thicken runny purees.
Babies 6 – 12 mths 1 tsp (5g) daily Mix in food or sprinkle on cereals
Toddlers 12 mths – 5 year 2 tsp (10g) daily Mix in food or sprinkle on cereals
Mums 1 tbsp (15g) daily Sprinkle on cereal & salads, mix in smoothies or use as a fat replacer in baking.

As with the introduction of all new foods, monitor intake with babies. All our Chia is sustainably grown in Australia and is 100% Chemical Free.
We can guarantee the nutritional profile of our products because we grow them ourselves. For more information contact our accredited practising dietician Emma Morris askemma@thechiaco.com.au

Have a wonderful week, John